Shearwater “NERD 2” HUD mount PN 20180-00


Full Face Mask Mount – Interspiro Divator, OTS Guardian, Drager Panorama Nove Dive, and the KM M-48 Mod-1 Full Face Masks

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This HUD Mount is used with our Accessory Rails to mount The Shearwater “Nerd 2” HUD to Interspiro Divator, OTS Guardian, and the Drager Panorama Nove Dive, Full Face Mask. The correct Accessory Rail must be used on your Full Face Mask to complete the mount. The Accessory Rails are purchased seperately.

These mounts are made ot order so please inquire regarding a delivery date.

** We also offer Accesory Rails & mounts for Kirby Morgan & Gorski Dive Helmets.