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Innovative Dive Equipment Inc. is a small company developing and offering for sale specialty dive equipment and accessories for Public Safety, and Military Divers. Often a simple piece of equipment or a well designed accessory can enhance diver safety, and make it easier to complete difficult tasks underwater. We strive to offer simplicity and function in our designs. Our designs are tested by Public Safety Divers while on dive missions, and refined as needed.


Because our products are directed to a narrow niche market, it is not possible to produce these items in large quantities. Most of our products are made individually, and are of high quality.

We will be adding select products to our product line in the future. These products must meet our high standard for quality, durability, and function.

If you have any suggestions regarding additional equipment that you like us to see us offer, please contact us and we will consider including it in our line of products for sale. 


The Accessory Rail System Explained

The Accessory Rail System by Innovative Dive Equipment Inc. makes it easy to mount lights, cameras, and other devices to various full face masks, and dive hats. The heart of the system is the Accessory Rail, and Universal Slide. Once a device (light, camera, etc.) is mounted to a Universal Slide it can easily be moved between divers who have installed Accessory Rail Systems on their full face masks, and dive hats.


If a dive unit uses different equipment depending on the mission, this system is ideal. At this time we are manufacturing Accessory Rail mounts for the Interspiro MK II FFM (AGA mask), The OTS Guardian FFM, the KM Stainless Steel and fiberglass Dive Hats, Band Mask, the KM 48 Mod One, and the Gorski dive hat. We can fabricate an Accessory Rail mount for most any dive hat on request.

Using the Accessory Rail System divers have both hands free to help accomplish difficult tasks underwater more efficiently.

In the field, if a camera or light fails, changes can be made quickly by depressing the release button on the Universal Slide and sliding the device off of the Accessory Rail.

Replacement/back up lights and cameras are pre mounted to additional slides so that when needed the replacement is simply slid onto the Accessory Rail using no tools. This means that a diver does not have to be removed from the water to change devices, and that devices can be moved to another diver by pressing a button to release the slide, and then sliding the device onto the other diver. The diver raises his head above the water, and the tender swaps out equipment. An example would be moving video equipment and lights from a primary diver to the standby diver when their roles change during the evolution of the dive mission.

We also manufacture a “Pole Knuckle” with two Accessory Rails mounted. Using the Pole Knuckle on a telescoping pole makes it possible to lower a video camera and light into a possibly dangerous situation before exposing a diver. If it is determined that a diver will be deployed, the camera and light are quickly slid off the Pole Knuckle, and then slid onto the rails that are mounted on to the divers mask, or hat. No tools are needed, and no time is wasted.

It’s also possible to mount an Accessory Rail to a ROV so that the same expensive video cameras and lights can be used by both the ROV team, and dive team.

Police, Fire Rescue, Military, Commercial, and Research Divers all over the world use the Accessory Rail System to increase safety, and make their work a little easier.


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